Social Network analysis

Get a holistic view of your customers and understand their needs

Epinion’s social network analysis helps you achieve a holistic view of your costumers, markets and competitors – all from millions of online sources.

Networked structures are characterised in terms of nodes (i.e. individual actors, people or things within the network) and the ties or edges (relationships or interactions) that connect them.

How our social network analysis helps you thrive

Social network analysis is the process of examining social structures through the use of network and graph theories. We map and measure the relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, computers, URLs and other connected information/knowledge entities.

Effectively applying this methodology, we deliver both visual and mathematical analyses of human relationships, helping our business clients better understand their customers and their needs.

Epinion's social network analysis allows you to:

  • Understand social behaviour. Pinpoint the key influencers in your social network and identify who are driving important dialogue and generating buzz about your brand. Use visualizations of social data to measure consumer sentiment and evaluate trends, gauge the reactions to a product or event, determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and more.
  • Get more accurate insights. Understand social media engagement patterns across your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ accounts and add insights from Google Analytics. Extract multiple snippets of conversation from a single social post for a true picture of social sentiment.
  • Enrich your discoveries. Compare social media analytics results with other data sources for new insights derived from different views of information.
  • Conduct social reporting. Track, measure and share key social media metrics on your social network dashboard.

At Epinion market research is about matching the right solutions to our client's particular situation, expectations and desired outcomes.

Call us today and learn how Epinion's social network analysis can benefit your business.

Our partnerships

Epinion has forged business partnerships with best-in-class companies to provide customers with market-leading Integrated Insights Solutions.

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  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - MRS


Commercial Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Arla
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Carlsberg
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Telenor
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Heathrow
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Ruter

Public Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Danmarks Statistik
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Københavns Universitet
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Innovasjon Norge
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Københavns Kommune

Polls and Political Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Government of Greenland
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - DR
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Kulturministeriet
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Undervisningsministeriet
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    ”We are delighted with the highly professional and efficient way Epinion has transitioned our core surveys and introduced new and more efficient field management processes. We look forward to a successful long term contractual relationship."

    David Ellis, Head of Research and Insight, Heathrow Airport

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    “The research that is becoming more and more important to us is the research that is forward thinking because attitudes change rapidly and it is therefore important to be ahead of the consumer all the time. The insights that Epinion provide are very useful as they establish a clear link between analysis, insights and action. This is a very innovative and time saving approach to research that we are very fond of and really helped us in understanding the key priorities.”

    Marianne Gregersen, Consumer Economist, Landbrug & Fødevarer

  • aros-research-and-insights-management-solutions.png

    “ARoS is very satisfied with the work we have done with Epinion. It gives us in-depth knowledge of both current and potential guests and identifies issues we would not have had knowledge of without Epinion’s reports. In particular, Epinion’s analysis of the economic impact ARoS has on Aarhus through the many guests the museum attracts to the city has been very useful for us. We use the reports from Epinion actively and share them with our partners”

    Erlend G. Høyersten, Director, ARoS

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