A simple way to share and visualise insights across your organization

Visualise and share insights across your organization with just a few clicks.

Too much time is spent on trivial tasks, such as checking the quality of incoming data and preparing reports manually. Researchers need to free up time for value-adding activities in order to stay relevant.

The days of manual data delivery and reporting are over. Today, effective researchers use automation to prime their audiences with a steady flow of relevant insights.

Platform Benefits

  • Ease of use fosters fast and widespread adoption in the organization.
  • Configurable permissions and filters restrict access of individual users and groups across all surveys.
  • Mature platform ensures fast implementation and stable operation.

Dynamic Table Reports

  • Make survey results available to all decision-makers in your organization.
  • Allow end-users to explore data and perform basic analysis tasks while ensuring statistical relevance.
  • Easily produce visualizations in Microsoft Office format for presentations and other purposes.
  • Low one-time fees for ad hoc projects.

Custom Solutions

  • Support key processes and initiatives in the organization with score cards, trackers and KPIs.
  • Visually appealing dashboards add authoritativeness and drive participation in initiatives.
  • Combine data from disparate sources to unearth new insights.
  • Platform subscription model reduces the necessary upfront investment significantly.

Simple implementation

Because Incite is a managed platform, you have no worries about installation, configuration or maintenance. We take care of all that. We also import your data and get you up and running with an introductory workshop – at your location or remotely via the Internet.

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Do more with incite

Visualise and share insights across your organization with just a few clicks.


Create your own dashboards in minutes.


Let your audience drill down and explore while maintaining statistical reliability.



Export your dashboards to editable PowerPoint presentations.



Commercial Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Arla
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Carlsberg
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Telenor
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Heathrow
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Ruter

Public Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Danmarks Statistik
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Københavns Universitet
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Innovasjon Norge
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Københavns Kommune

Polls and Political Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Government of Greenland
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - DR
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Kulturministeriet
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Undervisningsministeriet
  • Landbrug-og-fodevarer-research-and-insights-management-solutions.png

    “The research that is becoming more and more important to us is the research that is forward thinking because attitudes change rapidly and it is therefore important to be ahead of the consumer all the time. The insights that Epinion provide are very useful as they establish a clear link between analysis, insights and action. This is a very innovative and time saving approach to research that we are very fond of and really helped us in understanding the key priorities.”

    Marianne Gregersen, Consumer Economist, Landbrug & Fødevarer

  • Heathrow-research-and-insights-management-solutions.png

    ”We are delighted with the highly professional and efficient way Epinion has transitioned our core surveys and introduced new and more efficient field management processes. We look forward to a successful long term contractual relationship."

    David Ellis, Head of Research and Insight, Heathrow Airport

  • 072dpi_318941_B2-944172-edited.jpg

    “It is of great value for us that the customer segmentation is done thoroughly and professionally. By combining methods, we are able to create a segmentation which is based on both attitudes and needs. This means that the results are reliable and recognizable for people across the organization”

    Lars Richard Rasmussen, product manager, DSB

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