Employee Engagement is a key determinant of business success

To succeed, you need to understand what motivates your employees’ engagement and what are the drives to employee retention.

Customized employee solutions tailored to your organisation

Whether you’re considering a new employee survey, want to appraise your current engagement strategy or need help translating data into actionable outcomes our approach is agile, innovative and tailored to your needs.

We work with customer & citizen engagement in:

  • Commercial cooperation
  • Public and regional innovative services
  • Political and NGO's

At Epinion market research is about matching the right solutions to our client's particular situation, expectations and desired outcomes.

Employee retention 

Organisations need to have some form of program designed to nurture its rising stars, because high-achieving individuals can have an enormous impact on business results.

Our research consultants have expirience in employee retention and knows what works (and what does not).

We have explored how organisations viewed their employers, how employee's were managed, and how they reacted to changes in the economy.

Talk to a specialist 

We combine more than 19 years of employee research experience in industry-leading companies with an in-depth understanding of theory and practice. We combine both quantitative and qualitative methods with market leading data Intelligence in order to provide actionable results.

At Epinion, the people who you meet initially are the people who will actually run your projects.

Intelligence applied

We command the latest technology and methodologies when it comes to sophisticated qualitative and quantitative or even mixed methods market research combined with multiple data sourcing, integrating big and small data sets, both internal and external to the organization.

Our team masters advanced and predictive analytics, as well as the latest technologies for insights visualization and reporting.

In fact, if you lack a full understanding of your employees we have the tools to research for the cognitive drivers of your employees retention.

Get in touch with us today and power your organisation with insights that moves your business forward.




Employer Satisfaction Survey

Employee satisfaction surveys asks employees to rate their satisfaction with different aspects. 



Employee Appraisal

If you’re not sure whether your current employee engagement strategy is fit for purpose, we can work with you to appraise it within the context of your business and people.



Employee Branding

The strength of organisations’ employer brands can have a significant impact on the pride and engagement levels of their employees, as well as how attractive they are for candidates. 



Internal focus groups

Focus groups provide an invaluable opportunity to obtain a depth of data on what your employees are feeling and thinking. Ideally, focus groups will supplement previous research so that we can delve into themes or issues already uncovered. 




Conducting employment satisfaction surveys for the Danish ministry. 

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Analysing unemployed and uneducated young people for Denmark’s largest regional authority.


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Our partnerships

Epinion has forged business partnerships with best-in-class companies to provide customers with market-leading Integrated Insights Solutions.

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  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - MRS


Commercial Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Arla
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Carlsberg
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Telenor
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Heathrow
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Ruter

Public Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Danmarks Statistik
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Københavns Universitet
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Innovasjon Norge
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Københavns Kommune

Polls and Political Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Government of Greenland
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - DR
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Kulturministeriet
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Undervisningsministeriet
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    ”We are delighted with the highly professional and efficient way Epinion has transitioned our core surveys and introduced new and more efficient field management processes. We look forward to a successful long term contractual relationship."

    David Ellis, Head of Research and Insight, Heathrow Airport

  • Landbrug-og-fodevarer-research-and-insights-management-solutions.png

    “The research that is becoming more and more important to us is the research that is forward thinking because attitudes change rapidly and it is therefore important to be ahead of the consumer all the time. The insights that Epinion provide are very useful as they establish a clear link between analysis, insights and action. This is a very innovative and time saving approach to research that we are very fond of and really helped us in understanding the key priorities.”

    Marianne Gregersen, Consumer Economist, Landbrug & Fødevarer

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    “It is of great value for us that the customer segmentation is done thoroughly and professionally. By combining methods, we are able to create a segmentation which is based on both attitudes and needs. This means that the results are reliable and recognizable for people across the organization”

    Lars Richard Rasmussen, product manager, DSB

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