We enables our clients to know who their customers are and what drives their decisions

Take advantage of our large online panels, to understand your audience in order to make informed business decision

We offer an best practice approach togheter with the latest technology to data collection – both quantitative and qualitative or even mixed methods – that allow you to tailor your questions so you get the answers you need from anywhere on the globe.

Customer Insights

Our experts work with their clients to deliver personalised Insights into how to optimise sampling, ensure quality and accommodate local and regional differences.

  • We offer customer Insights from our online panels virtually anywhere in the world
Targeting your audience

Thanks to the size of our online panels and our extensive experience in tailoring data collection methods to suit our clients’ needs, we’re able to offer valuable insights across a wide range of industries.

  • Our online panels cover all segments of all regions and socio-economic classes.

We hold thousands of profile data on our online panel members: occupation, family, status, hobbies, lifestyles and everything in between. Our online panels are extensively profiled which enables us to reach the right respondents quickly and efficiently.

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It is important for us to deliver a good quality and that is why we always validating the authenticity of our online panels members.

We use the latest technology in order to scan our online panels members digital fingerprint and a member can only take a few surveys a month.

We aggregate and de-duplicate across our online panels in order to do research populations that are difficult to find.

Talk to a specialist 

We combine more than 17 years of brand research experience in industry-leading companies with an in-depth understanding of theory and practice. 

At Epinion, the people who you meet initially are the people who will actually run your projects.

Speak with one of our experts to find out how our solutions can help you.

At a Glance


Size: +700.000


Global reach 


Interviews: +3.000.000


All segments represented

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Commercial Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Arla
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Carlsberg
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Telenor
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Heathrow
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Ruter

Public Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Danmarks Statistik
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Københavns Universitet
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Innovasjon Norge
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Københavns Kommune

Polls and Political Intelligence

  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Government of Greenland
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - DR
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Kulturministeriet
  • research-and-insights-management-solutions - Undervisningsministeriet
  • Moesgaard-research-and-insights-management-solutions.png

    "Epinion has been a great help in developing a deeper understanding of our guests and their needs. We have had a remarkably good relationship with Epinion during the survey and the follow-up analysis."

    Henrik Hatt, Administrative Manager, Moesgaard Museum

  • Heathrow-research-and-insights-management-solutions.png

    ”We are delighted with the highly professional and efficient way Epinion has transitioned our core surveys and introduced new and more efficient field management processes. We look forward to a successful long term contractual relationship."

    David Ellis, Head of Research and Insight, Heathrow Airport

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